Individual & Corporate Accounting Services
Based in Centurion

The finance function is no longer just about crunching the numbers. Today’s financial professionals are expected to also provide a more strategic contribution to the business, adapting and building on their current set of skills. These expectations that are set for a financial professional, will not be within the reach of many small businesses.

There is a solution to that. Consider outsourcing the function. Such a service will allow you to concentrate on your core business and making key strategic decisions for the future.

Highlighting 5 reasons to outsource your business’ accounting function:

1. Lower Cost

The service is paid for monthly at a fraction of the cost of employing an individual with the required set of skills.  The service will allow access to individuals with a proven set of skills.

2. Compliance

Stay compliant with SARS CIPC, Workman’s Compensation and all other regulatory authorities. Avoid harsh penalties by always being compliant.

3. Time

Free up time to focus on your core business by transferring the administration of accounting functions.  This frees up time to strategize.

4. Access

Access to the latest technology, expert advice and data for decision making. The added benefit of real-time access to data is the interpretation thereof. That service is available to you and risks can be highlighted early.

5. Reduced risk of fraud

Separation of duties will reduce the risk and opportunity of fraud.